"We already have a website, but we do not like it," "In the site have put a lot of money but it does not work", "Good site, of course, necessary, but we have in this do not understand …" Such statements have me as a copywriter hear from customers and then case. And despite the fact that the creation of sites devoted a lot of books, resources and articles to us – the performers – will still have to deal with the originally faulty installations customers. As a result, after a long hassle, which is converted in these plants work, or the result is unsatisfactory, or simply cease cooperation. To learn how to avoid it, I tell you from their point of view. ERROR ONE.

"Come on, I'll spare!" By itself, the desire to save is quite reasonable, especially considering that Internet resources are filled with advertisements that site can make or buy for three rubles. And if you and your employees feel a strength to cope on their own, then nobody will deny. However, it can lead to a? – The site made by someone else's pattern or unassumingly in a program such as Frontpage. Filled with trite, or copy, or just ignorant content. No one then he is not interested, no they are not engaged, and he does not bring any satisfaction or money. – After some time a potential customer a desire to invite a professional to at least he filled a good site and literate content.