Web site promotion is impossible without the use of tools of contextual advertising. In runet are two basic systems of contextual advertising. A runner is considered a pioneer in contextual advertising in Russia. System started in 2002. Today, the system works with most popular sites you'll ever need.

Visitors coming from the system runner, will not search, because ads are not only the search engines. Therefore, the traffic from this system is not as quality, as with search engines. However, there is the possibility of targeting, by which we can determine which ads are displayed and how many times. These services are charged extra. System You can pay nine ways, including through system WebMoney. The minimum cost per click 5 cents. With the ability to automatically translate your ad for the best seats will automatically rise to the CPC the level that you want to launch ads in the top.

Site Promotion with runners much easier. In this system wide functional management. This makes the system easy to use. Advanced statistics You can upload Excel. It is very ease the work of those who need to report on the campaign. Yandex contextual advertising system with a pay per click advertising launched in November 2003. Previously, it was necessary to pay Direct for show. Sponsored ads are visible only in the search engine Yandex. In this connection, visitors from Direct's are better quality than with the Runner. In Yandex.Direct cost per click at least 10 cents. You can update your account three ways, among which, of course, or Google search. In Yandex.Direct a unique and very useful feature – it's free targeted on cities. If there is a need to see your ad only residents of a particular city, it is necessary to specify in the settings. This means that users will be less, but on the whole campaign will be effective. In general, when compared with the system Yandex Begun in Direct lacks some features, it is easier. Website Promotion is not without content, the tools you need to use it wisely, considering all the pros and cons of systems context.