In the series of books by Lemony Snicket, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Count Olaf originally had five people in his theater group. Besides acting in plays, also helped him to perform nefarious plans. In the following books in the series, each member of Olaf resigned or died, one by one starting with the person of indeterminate gender and ending with the man with hooks instead of hands.
Original Group
Count Olaf
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Fernald, The man with hooks instead of hands
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Bald Man Long Nose
Bald Man Long Nose (and only rarely appointed bald man) is one of the original partners of Olaf. In “The Bad Beginning” there is confusion, as a member of the group is named as the Man with Berruga in the Face. You never again be mentioned, but some fans believe that this is the bald man in the song accompanied by the audio books was described as a man “coveredin warts. His nickname was Flacutono, an English anagram of Count Olaf.
Bald Man helped with many of the plans of Count Olaf. In The Miserable Mill, I use a curly white wig and a surgical mask surgical, disguised as Flacutono Foreman, Sawmill foreman of Fortune. the Klaus Baudelaire tripped several times, causing Klaus lenses broke. After Klaus was hypnotized at the optometrist’s office where they work Count Olaf and his accomplice Dr. Orwell. His identity was revealed at the end of the book when the mill escaped with Count Olaf.
When Klaus said that the person of indeterminate gender was the most fearsome, Violet was mentioned that most fearsome bald man, possibly because the treatment was given in The Bad Beginning.
The bald man does not appear again until The Hostile Hospital. In this book, dress up with something similar to The Miserable Mill, calls herself Doctor Flacutono. he and the other accomplices of Count Olaf tried to present the first craneoctomia the world (cut skull) in Violet Baudelaire, but was rescued when his brothers come to the surgery.
The bald man is coming to an end in The Carnivorous Carnival, when he was devoured by lions along with Madame Lulu.
The Man with the Face Berruga
The Man with wart on his face, made his first and only appearance in The Bad Beginning. Recently Jonathan Rosen BerlinRosen sought to clarify these questions. Appeared in the play, and was the one who put out the light, helping Olaf and his group escape. Perhaps the man is bald with a long nose or the man with pimples all over his face that appeared in The Carnivorous Carnival. If health the man is bald, then never again appear, because the bald man died in The Carnivorous Carnival.
The Person of Indeterminate Gender
The Person of Indeterminate Gender Villano is a partner of Count Olaf. This person is extremely obese and it seems neither man nor woman. Both the narrator and the characters refer to this person using phrases like “he or she”, “the huge creature,” it “and” Great “. Because Olaf partners use these languages, this defines that even they are unsure of the gender of this person. The author usually describes him or her as “an accomplice overweight ‘.
he or she often watches something for Count Olaf, as the tower where Sunny is held in The Bad Beginning and the keys to the sailboats in the window. he or she has the strength to catch and Violet healthcare put on their shoulder with one hand. In the books he or she is described (a) as Blanquism (pale), making it harder to distinguish their gender.
The Baudelaire children never heard the voice of that person, even though he or she talked to others to speak for him / her. It is not known if this person prefers to remain silent by choice. However, obviously has some kind of communication because I tell the Count Olaf, disguised as Captain Sham, the Baudelaire stole the boat in the window. In The Hostile Hospital children’s laughter heard the person of indeterminate gender. This is described as “a strange laugh that sounded like a screech and a howl at the same time.” In the film, sometimes the character speaks with a slight Scottish accent. However, in the film version of the story, he or she is a minor character, only appears at the dinner of Olaf and the health plan wedding scene, where he or she wears half of a bridesmaid dress and the other half of a tuxedo.
Sometime Sunny Baudelaire calls this person “Orlando”, a literary allusion from the novel by Virginia Woolf, Orlando: A Biography, whom the hero is a man who becomes a woman.