What you do to create a business on the Internet: 1 create a comunidadUtilice the community to promote your business.? Explain what it is, what are the objectives, advantages and disadvantages, even. Scroll through the list of contacts, and to inform the community. If the original name to attract more people, and define what you want to convey. 2 Create a target blogEl of the blog is to write about something that you are interested. If your line of business for screws, that is going to write about it. Be creative in choosing this name for the blog, and even publish your community and vice versa. 3.

Create a sitioLa creation of a business web site is the most important step. You will need to work in HTML. If you’re not, you can search on Google how to do so, or you hire a programmer and web designer one. It is very important to create a dynamic, innovative, attractive and interactive website. Only in this way is to be highlighted. Remember that it is not the only person who has a business on the Internet. By choosing the link to your website, choose or domain.com.

Org. There are sites that will help you to choose. This is because, if you select only. He paints, points of view may be restricted. 4. Advertising Negociospongase in contact with advertising companies that are related to your business and sell them space on your page. It will be positive for both, since it has more than disclosure of the company. 5 Payment in Lineautilice an application fee online. It will allow customers to immediately purchase the product they are selling, without having to wait to go to the store! Besides that the payment is made automatically, the client sends the address to receive a home purchase. 6 Sell on eBayEBay is the place where they sell more because it is one of the sites most visited by people interested in buying. Promote your business, and then add products on sale. You will receive an instant delivery. 7 Join other enlacesAsociar your site with other links will allow a greater disclosure of your business. No link with anyone. You must take into account other sites that may be relevant to your business, and they to her. 8 Create your portfolio of business clientesCuando is walking, creating a portfolio of clients. Always choose a personal contact with them for guard, that is ideal. Original author and source of the article.