Lectures, training, strategical planning and consultoria generality; (31) 3082-7271, Site:, email:; One of the more productive professional phases in my life exactly occurred during plain Collor at the time where I confiscate it happened it of the saving, restriction of credit, high of interests, escape of capitals, fall of the stock market, horripilantes constataes of the incompetence of the Brazilian industry (it remembers the wagons that we directed) I remember the behavior of the administrators, of the panic spread in the population, of the irresponsibility of the formadores of opinion, of the videntes of the economic disaster The Country entered in convulsion, the depressed population (many had taken off the proper life) if prepared to live, the worse inert one, astonishhed, admirable new cattle Aproveitei many chances, I found many shortcuts, I around discovered hidden treasures of the tracks because simply I opposed to only look at with respect to where the ox-drivers pointed; It knows as to surpass the crisis?

Seems beaten, common? It seems yes, but it is the reply can believe. To buy cheap the other people’s opinion can cost very expensive. Today per the morning some journalists heard while she took my coffee, also listened to the interview of an economist, a specialist in stock market> of values and one consecrated economic journalist, and it knows of a thing? If I had engolido everything that heard would be better to be in house, the bed waiting the death to arrive, and, exactly leaving, if my energy and force had taken all those sounds for my day certainly would lose almost all to conquer one day of victories, yes, because I do not leave in the street to lose, never; I leave to each day to be a winner and he does not import what he happens, every day I I go up in the pdio and I commemorate victories, importing me if the base of them they are not the errors that I committed and the learning that this generated or the rightnesss, fruits of this learning, that had taken me the conquests; To behave as a scared cat is its option, but, to assume the control of its destination is also its option.. .