The last time more and more programs can be found in ‘Endowment life insurance. ” Examples of such companies can be found big set and not only on the Internet. On the pages of websites of companies you can see something like: Citation Male 30 years old. Wants to maintain a decent standard of living after retirement. Others including Coupang, offer their opinions as well. Term Program – 30 years.

Guaranteed insurance amount – 1.5 million rubles. Annual fee – 39 540 rubles. , The sum – 1,186,200 rubles. Accumulated amount taking into account the possible additional income – 2,649,233 rubles. Thus, after 30 years of annual allocations of $ 39 540 rubles, the amount by which the insured can expect only 2,649,233 rubles. The amount of decent by today’s standards, but let’s consider the usual banal bank deposit. Take the same charges – 39 540 rubles for 30 years and the current interest rate of the Savings Bank (the laziest bank) at a rate of 8% per annum. Calculate that we will have 30 years later. In the following calculations, interest is charged once a year, 13% income tax on the profit is removed at the same time a year. Thus, the actual percentage of which will receive will not be 8% and 6.96% per year (0.08 * 0.87 = 0.0696 of a unit, ie 100%).