The metropolis of Moldova in the Golden season with a trip to the Czech Republic a visit to the capital should be necessarily on the plan. Prague is still lit in Golden Sheen and attracts many tourists in particular in autumn. Not without reason, because nothing is more beautiful than to stroll comfortably in the historic old town of Prague and mild temperatures to enjoy the last rays of the Sun of the year. What Prague is also known and what should be on a visit in no way, reported the flight Portal A trip to Prague is worth in many ways.

Culture enthusiasts get the wealth of historic places into raptures, architecture lovers admire the charming Baroque and Art Nouveau facades on Wenceslas square and fashion victims will benefit from the many shops in the city. Prague is also for garish scene meetings and fashion scene, which is a leader in the Czech Republic. The former market hall Vinohrasky pavilon hosts today more than 60 boutiques, cafes and restaurants for shopping break. On the other hand Prague can retains its slightly morbid charm, to discover the it pays at least as to immerse yourself in the vibrant life. The city on the River Vltava is a single open-air Museum of a more than thousand year history of the city and the scene Centre of the Czech Republic.

The old town square is popular with tourists and locals alike. Here, the historical flair of the city on the River Vltava is particularly evident. A look at the twelve apostles of the Town Hall clock is worth on the hour. In addition, the astronomical clock displays the corresponding zodiac sign and the current date. Plenty excitement prevails on the Charles Bridge. The famous landmark with its 30 statues of the Saints is the meeting point of many jugglers and buskers. The statue of Saint Nepomuk represents a true visitor magnet. To rub, to bring the legend to luck. The best bars and pubs of Prague are close to the bridge. Already due to the magnificent location is worth a trip there. For more information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann