Despite a deteriorating reputation dogs remain popular for some it is a dangerous animal for the other family member. The dog. A small percentage of dog owners and bad headlines have ensured that the reputation of dogs has deteriorated a lot. Nevertheless, there are always more dogs and thus a huge market that should not be left aside. So many holiday providers have focused on a holiday with dog. Even while on vacation, the dog should not be missed.

Headlines in the media and stricter laws. For even more analysis, hear from Warner Media. The gap between dog owners and those who have no dog has been growing. So, on the one hand, many people are frightened by recent messages. On the other hand, dog owners suffer greater reluctance, that will be brought against them. Blame has a very low percentage of dog owners who brings the larger part of the dog owner in trouble by their ignorance and wrong handling of the animal. On playgrounds or if children are nearby, every dog should be at the line will be taken.

Even if the dog is still so sweet and never what has done. A not angeleinter dog may also be of a certain size, throws it rather fear among many people as angeleinter. Public dealing with the dog affected the reputation of all dog owners. The man tends to close from one to all. Situations that cause negative feelings, rather remain in the memory. So people reminds of the one who had his dog not in the handle, rather than on the larger majority, trying to maintain a good reputation. Many dog owners are upset. You need to suffer a few worsened the reputation of your dog. Parents take their children on the arm. People start screaming. Others change the side of the road, as soon as a dog around the corner. You can see such situations these days more often than it was 15 years ago. But for the majority of dog owners, the dog belongs to the family. He has become an integral part in the life of the master or mistress. One has that Animal in the end of his life integrated and aligned with much care. Go walkies at certain times, include the proper care and the best food. The dog is always as a family member. Also in the holiday. To advertise some holiday provider that dogs in their apartments are welcome guests. In many resorts, there are extra outdoor space, beach areas, and so on for dogs. Despite bad news, there is more and more dogs, according to statistics. Therefore, over 5 million households own a dog. This is a huge market, which are not allowed out. Fortunately, many holiday providers have recognized this. So, it is no problem to find a holiday home suitable for dog owners or hotel rooms. Even if the dog’s reputation has suffered lately, he is still among the most popular pet in Germany. And just because the reputation has become worse, many dog owners try especially to endeavour to improve it again.