Under the motto: “Worldwide days” the Darmstadtium Conference Hotel offers Hamburg now an audiovisual revolution in terms of meetings with a new event space. Reside in Hamburg and meet in front of the Manhattan skyline that immediately the group the Darmstadtium Conference Hotels offers meeting guests at her home in Hamburg. Using a new technique of playing, meetings or meetings now in the atmosphere of New York, Rome and Singapore can take place. The atmosphere of the Caribbean or a Bavarian Lake and a river run can play a. The possibilities are almost limitless. Also, a multichannel audio system puts the Conference participants also acoustically in the heart of the action. The basic concept is based on prospects of virtual single-four-winged Windows.

So, conference organizer can start, for example, your meeting or conference overlooking the Caribbean waves and glittering skyscrapers. By virtually controlled color and light environments, you can view the room also color-therapeutic use. A realistic simulation of a powerful aquarium with Depth, colour and biodiversity, creates meditative calm and good breaks can be used. Ultimately you can with art gallery’ static images artfully stage and for every lifestyle with abstract or virtual design accents. All in all is an event in this new space, whether they are seminar, Conference, meeting, reception, or Congress, for the participants to an unforgettable event. Individually adjustable and perfectly tuned light -, sound – and image effects, for example, views can be simulate, give the room a different color or make works of art on the wall. So deliberately played effects among participants, conscious or unconscious perceptions and interpretations of an object, a color, or a situation can achieve during a seminar, a Conference, as well as a Congress changes that go hand in hand with specific cognitions, subjective experience of feeling as well as a change in the willingness of the behavior.