Through the didactic resources that the school and the educators offer it is possible to perceive that citizen the school and the educator are if forming to live in society. Didactic resources in the Process of Learning and SUBTEMA: Concept, Function, Possibilities and Limitations of use of the Didactic Resources are a text that presents these inherent questions to the process education learning. (PINK et al., 2007) it says: The contact of the child with the scientific world, exactly that adapted its language, can be justified in terms of the necessity of approach of the child with the situations lived deeply for it, whose curious and investigativa nature allows it to explore the phenomena natural, as well as the devices and decurrent products of the technological world. To discourse on the didactic resources in the process education learning.

To present the concept, the functionality, the possibilities, the limitations and potentialities of the use of the didactic resources in the classroom. Concept of didactic resources: Are objects used in favor of a qualitative learning. The classification of an instrument any in didactic resource depends on the creativity of the educator in using this or that object to help the pupil to understand definitive subject in study. Functions of the didactic resources: To assist educandos/educators in situations that demonstrate to sounds, images and facts for the scope of the conscience so that the ideas if become clear, and take the pupil to understand what she is being this being studied, favoring it comment of the reality through the visualization and manuscript of instruments that offer information and data that allow one better assimilation of the contents. Possibilities of use of the didactic resources: These pertinent components to the process of learning they make possible to educating to learn more, and in little time on any subject of any area of the knowledge using physical, concrete, concrete materials.