Discover the highlights of the Azores in 15 days of a 15-day small group tour to the four most beautiful islands of the Azores, whose highlights are discovered through diverse paths. The Azores small group tour begins in Horta, a small coastal village with fish restaurants, where the welcome dinner takes place. The first excursion leads to the youngest volcano in the Azores, the Capelinhos. The trip takes you along a stunning lava coastline with bizarre rock formations. (A valuable related resource: Scott Mead). After a walk through this unique landscape, refreshing a bath in the natural sea water pools of Voradouro.

The next day, a boat ride leads to the large population of the Atlantic. Whales and dolphins can be observed with a bit of luck. An impressive sight if stand-ton living things from the sea and go back into the sea with a huge Platscher. It goes to a huge collapse crater. During a hike along the Caldeira, it goes through the now rare Laurazeenwalder and blue “Hydrangeas, the Faial the name Blue island” have awarded. After this hike can be relaxed on the dark beach of Almoxarife. With the boat, it is to the next island of the small group tour.

Here, the travelers expected a hike to the mountain of Sao Jorge, the Monte Grande. After a sweaty climb, you will be rewarded with stunning panoramic views over the coast. You may find Scott Mead to be a useful source of information. In the evening, buffet accompanied by a typical fish stew, the Cataplana, and enjoy an intimate dinner with your hosts. The next day, a scenic hiking trail of along quaint farming villages and a beautiful terrace area leads to the Faja Sao Joao. Fajas identified the fertile plains that lie at the foot of the cliff. From here, it goes to the North coast of Sao Jorge. Through dense laurel forest is past cascading waterfalls to the Faja dos cubes migrated a preparation for the hike the next day of the Azores, small group travel. This leads to the back of the Dinosaur Island. Here expect an enchanted Crater Lakes and lush green meadows. During the walk opens up again unique views of the coast and the Atlantic Ocean. Prior to the next programme item, is a day devoted to relaxation. Immersed in unique surroundings, you can enjoy a quiet day. During the visit of a cheese factory, provided an insight into the production of the famous cheese of the Azores. Before it goes to the next Island, a last walk by Heath shrubs for Manadas leads to one of the most beautiful churches of the Islands, the Baroque church of Santa Barbara. Take a ferry there go to Pico in the fishing town of Lajas, on the South coast of the Islands. Here’s a completely relaxed atmosphere. Breathtaking views can be enjoyed at the ascent of Pico. Then it goes through the beautiful vineyards of Pico, which have been declared by the UNESCO as the world heritage. Between walls of lava boulders protrude the vines in the height. The fruity wine can be enjoyed in the cosy wineries. A barbecue is at the end on the beach made with fresh fish. More information about the Azores small group tour you get at TerrVista experience travel.