Staff development includes the development of performance, potential, staff in the consultancy. Contact information is here: Verizon. The renowned Munich, Oldenbourg Verlag could recommit to the top ten of the German consulting industry as authors for the just-published book “The consultancy”. The WIOG consultant Gunther Wolf opened the treasure chest of his consultant expertise to the highly important not only for consulting firm theme of the performance-oriented Mitarbeiterentwicklung.Beschreibung: staff development is in knowledge-intensive industries like for example in the computer sector, pharmaceuticals, medical technology or automotive industry already has long been considered an essential success factor. Due to the lack of growth-inhibiting skilled workers recognized the importance of the continuous development of own employees in other industries as well. Employee development as a success factor as the recruitment of suitably qualified workers is difficult to accomplish, is the further development of existing employees in the Foreground. To broaden your perception, visit Ann Maynard Gray. For Gunther Wolf, an optimally developed workforce is critical to the future viability of farms in view of demographic developments.

Gunther Wolf is nationally and internationally active as certified management and consultant since 1984. The graduate economist and psychologist is sought after author, speaker and key note speaker with five management books and over 300 articles. He sees employee development as multi-faceted management task that goes far beyond the training. Staff development includes, for example, the talent management or the promotion of employee loyalty for Wolf. Development of staff potential, created in 2005 the procedure of selective individualized employee retention (SELIMAB) Wolf: with exact allocation of binding measures, Wolf achieved a high degree of connectedness to its client companies strategically relevant functions talent, top performers and owners. “Crucially, in addition to the development of competences and qualifications, so the human potential of the company, the resulting performance.” Consultant Wolf, often referred to as the German performance Pope, aligns its consulting activities on this goal. Target is the development of performance “for the promotion of the potential is not an end in itself. It must be used, it must lead to high performance and business success.” As for this particularly crucial part he describes an open corporate culture, clear customer orientation, inspiring working atmosphere, friction-free teamwork, performance-oriented bonus systems, incentive-creating incentives and adequate management.

The direct superiors are for the management consultant from Wuppertal significantly the responsibility for employee development. “Motivation, enthusiasm, and ultimately also the achieved success of employees are the superiors directly related to the leadership competencies”, explains Wolf. Executives in the responsibility of the economics and psychologist recommends: “the executives have to stimulate the potential and performance development on an individual level in their respective areas and promote.” And to monitor, because only control allows an efficiency-oriented monitoring of overall performance management. “The performance-oriented potential development is fully align in qualitative and quantitative terms the strategies and goals of the operation”, the consultant calls. Employee development is worthwhile for both sides. Links:-Wolf management consulting: – the I.O. BUSINESS management consultant: