For photos of the working day at such people and 50% of the time spent on anything, but not on something for which they are paid money. Clearly, in this case, the first question for managers: no control (and it certainly should be build), but in times when you need to make decisions quickly, more pressing question – what would happen if this man will not work 8 hours a day, and 4. Greatly reduced if the result brought by them? Maybe you can instruct these tasks to other staff and generally leave? Or conversely, if the employee is literate and loyal to his company dogruzit more than ever, that he was busy working all the time? 2. Incompetent staff. All in this matter (although however, like all other "doorposts" in the company), the entire responsibility lies with the managers. How to take a job? How to check in? Why are not already trained? Why not develop? But again, these questions must be at work management system that you want to build, and today, more pressing question: "What can we do?". Errors of staff due to ignorance and inability to expensive and in times of crisis, when the accuracy of the decisions or actions depends very much (sometimes almost all) of these people have to change (the only way to not get worse), demote, transfer to another unit of work. Ie put the person back to where he is competent, or to part with him. 3. Their people. Our people while there is still not a good way to hire friends, relatives, lovers, friends, etc. .