How can Customer Service be improved? My first reaction was to deny the accusation and claim that customer service is alive and well. But on further thought the service I’ve received in recent months and what others told me about their experiences, I had to admit that the quality and level of service has declined. Hear other arguments on the topic with Oracle. Again, thinking I realized that it has been in a decline in a while. I finally admitted to the reporter that, yes, I agree that customer service is not doing as well as I’d like to think it is. Of course, your next question was “Why is that?” I think there are four basic reasons for the demise of customer service. The booming economy of the 90’s created an atmosphere where the administration took the position that if a customer did not like what they were doing, there were many lined up behind him / her that your credit card was ready to be processed.

Why Why make an extra effort for someone who was so easily replaceable? This attitude is still pervasive in addition to poor customer service. Poor recruitment practices are what I think is another reason why customer service is so poor. AHS unemployment been so low that the search for new employees has been a major challenge for companies. Marginals hired, people with bad attitudes, people with poor work ethic, and people who do not care. Put these employees in a position where they interact with customers and has a recipe for poor customer service.

The lack of training of these marginal employees is another problem. Managers have the philosophy that since the employee will not last so long in office, why put the time, money and effort in training them. Of course, lack of training leads to low morale, confusion on the part of employees and costly mistakes. The employee does not last in position, they do not feel supported by the direction, then management feels justified by the lack of training they give. All this is compounded by poor customer service. Decisions driven by the benefits of management criteria to solve every problem is another reason for the death of customer service. Instead of doing the “right” decisions are weighted so that cost the company. Programming is provided by what it costs in dollars rather than what it costs in a bad service. Customer complaints are judged by the impact on the bottom line rather than on the impact on customer satisfaction. This short-term view gives a clear message to employees that the company’s needs are more important than the customer. This justifies the attitude of the employees of the client not to worry about that again adds to the provision of poor customer service.