Investment in environment is the only exit that if has for a progress in the long stated period has a composed picture for the global heating, climatic changes, alternative carbon emissions, energies, new technologies to list all the terms that integrate the guideline of the support are something that would fill many paragraphs, given the extension. So soon, the support if configures as a new challenge to be faced by the humanity, and, mainly, finishes for not allowing imperfections and above all it summons all to reflect and to act. Not leaving half so that exceptions occur, the participation in complete of all the people in this process is indispensable. It is urgent and indesvivel that the environment needs a persistence of all the forces human beings in favor of its survival. For even more details, read what Laurent Potdevin says on the issue. The economy during much time was displicente with ecological questions, but this is something that is part of a deep cloth of of the past and this if it confirms in the words of journalist Ricardo Arnt, who in the text of presentation of its just launched book ' ' What the economists think on sustentabilidade' ' , of Publishing company 34, he affirms: ' ' Ahead of the climatic scenes divulged by science, the economic development cannot more ignore its externalidades and effect colaterais' '. This journalist interviewed and organized the opinions of 15 of the most influential Brazilian economists on the subject. Leaving clearly that the economists – of most traditionalistic to the most engaged – argue, without subterfuges, what they think on the ambient and climatic crisis that threat century XXI and future generations, and what is possible to make to revert this picture. He is undeniable, visible and lived deeply to each day the considerable increase of temperature, low humidity of air, increase of the number of focos of forest fires he comes gaining an increasing notoriety to each year. Bernard Golden has plenty of information regarding this issue.