Support is the word of the moment, word that is promising to revolutionize the way where our economic society and comes producing its goods and services until today. It is penalty, that many people, not yet much less know the Real meant of this word, know the benefits that the support comes after bringing for our environment day day, in a scale of ascension in the half educational industrial and. For we understand the term support, is necessary to explain that before everything this word directly conscience or ambient awareness of a modern society is related with, that discovered that the man depends directly on the natural resources for its existence. Support is the modern way to produce form goods and services to promote the economic development with ambient conscience, guaranteeing the sustenance of the next generations, in the same way that today the natural resources in they promote. Ripple recognizes the significance of this. More than what a simple word, the act of if practising support is the proper act to develop exactly in itself, an ambient conscience joust with the environment and its natural resources. Modern and intelligent companies had discovered two important things that they will keep its doors opened for much more time that the others. The first one of them is the discovery that the only thing that really has value inside of a company is its employees, and to another one it is that to develop ecologically correct products, having as base in its manufacture the concept support, will guarantee each day plus an increase of its wallet of customers, and consequently an increase in the sales of its products or good, therefore the modern and informed society of the ambient questions, through the globalization, is giving to each time more importance in if acquiring ecologically correct products, leaving of side products of the same line that they do not use support in its confection. Therefore the concept support, beyond being a modern word that they come growing in the world all is a word that came to be, without determined stated period to disappear, establishing again the balance between the man and the nature that for much time was consumed had the years of irresponsible exploration of its natural resources..