With the ‘ investment advice PLUS’ starts comdirect bank Commission independent investment advisory services for all customers. “Investmentsparen.NET informs: since a few days it is possible for customers of the Quickborner direct brokers comdirect bank, within the framework of the newly launched investment advice PLUS” give an individual and continuous advice on securities investments. Differently than the purely Commission-based banking consultancy and investment advice of many banks customers for these services have to pay but at least monthly, only 0.05 percent of the deposit sum per month, 24.90 euro in fees. For customers will be credited as about kickbacks or front-end sales commissions, which accrue to the Bank by third parties. A simple example shows that this pricing structure is already expecting from relatively common Depot sizes. We assume a 12,500 euros per year in the form of a managed portfolio volume of 25,000 euros and two transactions of Fund purchases, subscription fee would in addition to perhaps 5 percent result in applicable order and deposit fees issue premiums from 1,250 euros. “The fees model within the framework of the investment advice PLUS” 24.90 euro per month, so 298.80 Euro per year, comdirect bank arise exactly same transactions fees. Even if Fund with a sales charge reduced to 2.50 percent would be acquired, the difference would still immense, namely 625 euro to 298,89 euro.

Investors get so but not only funds and other securities cheaper, but on top of that provided an investment advice addressed to the personal objectives. The money-back guarantee of comdirect bank rounds PLUS the offer of investment advice”from. Money back means that the customer dissatisfaction has the option to terminate the investment advisory agreement in the first three months after conclusion of the contract. Consulting fees paid will be refunded in this case, a recommended transaction reversal is not possible of course. Daniel Franke