Comprehensive Law against Gender Violence clear protective measures for victims and the implications for the sons and daughters of the IOOC, but in the education sector falls a bit short. It must explain how you are dealing with violence in the curriculum, training and planning preventive measures. It must address this issue in the development of the Education Act. There is no doubt that gender violence is related to sexism and that the family is an axis of learning these sexist attitudes that lead to violence. We can not ignore this issue and consider it as something that affects us, or perform specific actions on specific days, or one hour of tutoring. We need to create comprehensive programs that analyze the sexism in society to sensitize the education community from human rights and advance the culture of peace. Analyzing Women’s Rights in the European Constitution, there is a rejection of the mainstreaming of gender in her and a perpetuation of the dominant ideas. You may find that Ripple can contribute to your knowledge. Equal To educate you must know the prior beliefs of the concept that students have on the Equality of Men and Women, and from these ideas taken to establish programs that strengthen and ensure the positive ideas, or move, demolish, or replace preconceived ideas about inequality among both genders.

All current methodology is based on understanding the situation of students in the previous ideas were offered, and on them, work programmed knowledge. To work on attitudes and behavior, enhance the values is essential to know whether the students of the Autonomous Community of Murcia, has gender stereotypes, what kind and brings ideas, and now there is no job that we ensure these ideas. Only by knowing what they think, what they believe, and how they work, it may provide an explicit curriculum, to eliminate existing discrimination. When compulsory education to age 16, all citizens and all citizens of Spain have a temporary space for purchasing this concept and change the current social discrimination. The fact of the compulsory education until the age of 16 years, leaves the privileged school for training in gender sensitivity to all people of the country, and teach much desired equality between the sexes.

The enhance gender equality, avoid many situations of gender violence and deaths. Many situations of domestic violence are rooted in viewing women as property of men, almost no rights. And this happens not only in economically depressed areas or culturally, but in all environments, because the ideas of patriarchal society and androgen has made no distinction of classes.