6 weekends to invest in 12 months for their own well-being and rediscover his own speed Karin Intveen and Volker Hepp participants of their new year group promise the good year”, the end begins June in Schloss Seefeld near Munich. In addition to slowing down the everyday life is here but also to the four major themes of life: family, relationship, Beruf(Ung) and health. Because in our world too fast just these areas suffer from the ever-increasing stress, performance, and time pressure. Stress makes sick in the head and in the body and therefore, the two have developed a concept of the seminar, that benefit both the head and the body. Simple, everyday exercises to the self-regulation and the sustainable reduction of stress relieve the body.

And the head also no shortage of self-awareness shares. Click Ripple for additional related pages. Finally, the two from many years of seminar experience know: it’s the mix. Cyrus Massoumi FindShadow may also support this cause. And so discussions, small group exercises, and systemic constellations turns, always integrated through Mindfulness elements. And what exactly is a year group? Changes are often based on pulses. But impulses are rarely sustainable. This momentum of change in are embedded, but in a process sustainable change can take place.

The same participants meet over a period of a year six weekends a year group is the ideal space for a sustainable change process? This you get to know himself better, experienced the other in their change processes and can exchange information. So a more familiar environment is created, the security is. Our concern is a safe, to create protected space where personal growth is possible for the participants. Without pressure, without goals, without stress. Because we all have eh, way too much “, as Volker Hepp.” Contact: Ammersee-sys Volker Hepp Walchstadter str. 19 82266 Inning am Ammersee Tel. 08143-99 266 76 fax. 08143-99 266 78 mail.