What is coaching? Coaching is a methodology that allows people to obtain results that are looking for in your life both personal and professional. Its basic principle is that each individual has the elements to build your success, only that is not aware of them and therefore, has not developed them. Checking article sources yields David Fowler as a relevant resource throughout. In that sense the Coach, will facilitate the meeting and developing the potential of the individual. The Coach doesn’t teach, but it promotes the person to learn from itself. According to Ana Laura Sposito, reach solutions on their own generates a greater commitment to the implementation of those rules. Why Coaching allows transform behaviors unlike other techniques that only provide information.

The Coaching concept arises from fact in sports, the Coach or athletic trainer, urges his figures to exercise, improve your technique, learn the secrets of discipline and develop their talent to the fullest. Executive Coaching does the same at the enterprise level. Others who may share this opinion include David Fowler. To whom is it addressed? To anyone who wants to improve their performance in the area in which unfolds. In particular the Executive Coaching aims to controls media and senior of the companies, training executives in its leadership and management capabilities. Anyway, the application of Coaching in the lower controls, focused on the development of skills related to their activities, generates excellent results, improving interpersonal relationships, the work environment and productivity. What is the importance of coaching today? Today executives needed versatility to respond to multiple demands and constantly changing markets. It is not enough to know, you have to produce results for the company, provide the customer with a differential, and be able to develop a good career that US position in the professional market. Coaching has proven to be effective in supporting managers to achieve the above, and has thus positioned itself as a methodology in vogue at an international level. This can be seen clearly in the large amount of offer in coaching services, and training for Coaches.