Small and simple tutorial on how to create a fan page in Facebook social network mas grande del mundo, learn step by step how to create your own page fans. A Facebook fan page is a profile that you can spread it among your contacts and other sites either on blogs and other websites and to create public yours just follow the steps in this tutorial. 1. If not registered in Facebook do it at 2 now have to loguearnos on Facebook to create a new fan page from this link: page FaceBook fans. There you select if you’re a local, a trademark or product, or an artist, band, or public figure. You set a number of parameters that include: Administrators: you can do administrators to the contacts you want from among those who have added to your existing profile.

Photos: You can create several albums of photos with various topics. If you, for example, a band of music, you can have an album dedicated to study, another to concerts, photos etc Tusfans can also add photos. Videos: Facebook only allows you to upload videos of less than 2 minutes, that is why an application like Youtube Video Box, by which we can insert Youtube videos in our website is interesting. Discussion forum: you can open a specific subject that interests you, but also your own fans can create one. Events: This is one of the most interesting tools, since it warns of a specific date, either for the departure of a film, concert in different cities, etc in this way can alert seccionadamente losfans that they live in a particular place or all in general.