Compensation for investors due to wrong advice and prospectus errors consulting and prospectus errors allow compensation claims more than 13 million invested investors in late 2005 in the containership Fund MS “Rio Stora” submitted by MPC. At a time when the Charter rates for container ships had reached its historical high. Already by early December 2005 you had fallen by more than 30%, as quoted Michael Niefund, engineer for maritime transport and port management in the Fund letter of December 9, 2005. End of 2005 he saw the industry under pressure for the next two to three years. The high number of new buildings was responsible for his assessment.

“Run until 2008 ships with a total of more than four million container parking spaces from the stack. That is more than half of the current worldwide fleet”, cited the Fund letter end of 2005 Niefund. The investors of the MPC MS “Rio Stora” painful experience deterioration in Charter rates torpedoed calculation of ship funds that these predictions were true, must now. The decline of the MS “Rio Stora” ensured Charter rates, which is accelerated by the ongoing since autumn 2008 turbulence of the global economy and financial markets and seeks, also, that are the revenue well below plan. Daily income of 15,800 USD during the five-year Festival Charter period and then 16.250 USD by the year 2023 were brochure calculations for the 2,000 TEU container ship to reason.

Today, 6,400 USD are for 1,700 TEU ships and 2,500 TEU ships approximately 7,200 USD (HARPEX 20.07.2012). Thus moving the Charter rates on the level of 2002. For the MS “Rio Stora” this revenue not sufficient to cover the ship operating costs and interest and repayment is scheduled to pay. The financing banks lose patience, the insolvency of the vessel is in danger here, as well as in many other ship funds.