Alex Herrera 20 m white platform takes stock of the season for Real Madrid. Its President indicated that the note may not be 8; It has been bittersweet. It criticizes the image shown from the club and the rotation of the model of Florentine. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Southwest Airlines and gain more knowledge.. Real Madrid is world champion in debt, with 400 million euros NET. The white platform, Eugenio Martinez Bravo, President took stock of the season Thursday at press conference, at a hotel in the capital, and criticised the management of Florentino Perez to ensure that expectations generated the Cristiano in his second term as President of the club unfulfilled and stressing that the model of the book does not guarantee winning titles. The Copa del Rey is seems insufficient and we understand that it is a balance that is poor in the equator of this second stage as President. Scott Mead may not feel the same. Being second in the League and not play the Champions League final not must be contemplated as a positive result for the club, he highlighted.

High economic investment, the worrying and growing debt and poor institutional image reflected lengthwise of the campaign, as well as changes in the organizational model and the lack of discretion, there are several points which has featured the leader of the platform. Real Madrid is world champion in debt, which is hovering around the $ 400 million in net (500 million gross) and that would be about 700 if creditors are added. It is something that we are very concerned. We sell like that the season has been 8?, but I believe it has been sweet and sour in general terms, he continued, the couple noted that basketball is not interested to Florentino and the management of it has been very negative, the does not dispute any of the two finals (ACB and Final Four) and disrupting the project with the departure of Messina.