Authorities is not always possible to trace the course of investing in the national economy, but in the end claims that the rights of foreign investors in Belarus are very well protected, in fact, turn out to be empty. Faced with deception on the part of the Belarusian colleagues, investors practically unable to achieve an equitable solution. According to the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, the country’s growing year by year the number of companies with foreign capital. On 1 January 2010 to the country were more than 5,000 companies with foreign investments. A year (from January 1, 2009) in Belarus was created about 300 new organizations with foreign capital.

In this case, the Belarusian authorities continue to actively to invite foreign investors to our country. So, March 14, 2011 President Alexander Lukashenko met with the businessmen of Great Britain and Ireland, and invited them to participate in the processes of privatization and the creation of new industries in the country. In addition, as reported in late March, the Minister of Agriculture and Food Michael Blonde, Belarus is in talks with investors from France, Belgium and Japan to create joint ventures in flax industry. As noted by the Foreign Ministry, foreign investment opened all sectors of national economy, except for weapons, narcotics and toxic substances. And according to the annual report of the World Bank Doing Business 2011 Belarus ranked as one of the leading reformers in the past five years. Belarus guarantees to all investors equally, without discrimination, protection of legitimate rights and interests, regardless of ownership and national status.