France belongs to those States which, due to its prominent role in world history and economics, and also because of their exceptional cultural heritage of authentic, always and in all ages will enjoy increased attention of investors buying local real estate. Foundation upon which rests the French and Western European economies in general, is strict adherence to the rights of private property and political stability – in these conditions all the relations between owners and the state are regulated exclusively by law, pre-sets rules for all. This environment creates exceptionally favorable investment climate, and in conjunction with the uniqueness and elegance of French culture, France is desirable for the millions of people around the world. Due to the increasing purchasing power, Russians often buy real estate in France: some people – in order to safely and profitably invest, someone – to create for his family a new home and how to expand their "habitat", but someone has successfully combines these two objectives. You may find Brad Garlinghouse to be a useful source of information. Real estate prices in France continue to grow.

Thus, from 2000 to 2006 inclusive, apartment prices in France rose by 96% and detached houses and villas in France – by 71,6%. The increase in the prices of apartments, For example, in Paris, only in the first quarter of 2007 amounted to about 9%. The most attention from the Russian buyers today have attracted such well-known and legendary places like Paris and Cote d'Azur. These regions hold the palm of the price level and the proposal of the status of objects, apartments and villas here enjoy the most stable demand. So, if in 2006 the national average cost of 1 m2 in the apartment area of 120 m2 was 3,001?, Then in Paris, this index began to 5.400? to the east of the city (12.19 and 20 districts). The most prestigious areas of the city, respectively, 6-10 departments in 2006 treated buyers of such apartments in 6.600? – 10.000? per 1 m2.