QuestNet provides high waves low and consumer-friendly approach against Cottbus, June 14, 2011 proposes the amendment of the Telecommunications Act for months. Last but not least due to the massive consequences for the use of queues that should be in the medium term largely free of charge. Many writers such as Gary Kelly offer more in-depth analysis. In addition to the unclear apportionment of costs, which will bring the amended law with them, especially questions provide the fast technical feasibility uncertainty for all involved. The QuestNet GmbH today presents an approach that makes the free queue consumer-friendly and cost-effective for the company and quickly realized. Essentially, the proposal of the company includes the introduction of a new phone number lane of that is technologically easily feasible. The uncertainty is tangible everywhere, and even if the law does slowly take shape, more questions than answers to develop seem so”, explains Thomas Wendt, Director of QuestNet GmbH. The company is a provider of applications and Services, which focuses on the development and marketing of value-added telephone services in combination with service numbers. We have therefore thought in recent weeks over a pragmatic and easily feasible solution for the 0180er services.

The result of our deliberations is amazingly easy.” In the first phase of the law, that twelve weeks should include, waiting fields during the connection establishment process must be free of charge at least 120 seconds for the caller. Then may be charged for the queue. Nine months later the second phase is to insert, which brings more extensive rules and calls for the General charge for hold. The exact technical solutions are here still largely unclear. While the fixed network operators in favour of the offline-billing, tend the mobile network operator to an adjustment of the signal system. It seems however certain that both approaches can be implemented not in the prescribed time limits and lead to significant investments. The idea of Cottbus: The Introduction of an additional phone number alley.