The interest of investors in the investment in raw materials has increased dramatically in recent years. The interest of investors in the investment in raw materials has increased dramatically in recent years. Commodity funds, equity holdings by mines and mining companies and commodity certificates well 25 billion euro were invested compared to around 9 billion euros at the end of 2007 and EUR 12 billion end 2008 end of February based on aggregated data from Fund and certificate associations in Europe. In Germany alone were the 2.2 billion euros more to as deducted from the products were well in commodities of investing Fund and shares according to the Fund Industry Association BVI in 2009, there were again 300 million euros in January. In pure commodity funds almost 6 billion euros were end of January. Raw materials plants take in terms of investment and investment volume is still a small area of the capital market a; among the inflows of the past year, the product class but already occupies a leading position.

Hansjorg Suter, Board of Directors of empresa Minera (mining) AG, emphasises also: We also have benefited from the positive trends. The financial and economic crisis left many investors and asset structure interested in rethinking. Away from conservative banking products, little or almost no yield drop and one asset accumulation or expanding almost impossible to make future-oriented papers, also in the future guarantee a stable increase in value and best earnings prospects based on. Our preferred shares are selling better than ever, because in times of crisis and investors crave perspectives and security. Security, which no longer can be by a bank. The examples of the past months have shown Yes it.” The Empresa Minera (mining) AG opened the investors the opportunity to participate directly in the success of Swiss AG working with focus in Bolivia. Excellent earnings prospects and an already already fixed pre-trade profit increase could significantly increase buying interest. The preferred shares are equipped according to Swiss law, at the moment more “as only a useful addition in capacity building and development”, finally, as Hansjorg Suter.

Who places value on impairment and resistance, don’t come around simply to the preferred share stake of empresa Minera (mining) AG’, so WorldCommodityNews in its latest spring report 01/10 company portrait: the Empresa Minera (mining) AG is a Swiss mining company with an international focus. The company’s core business consists in the development and the acquisition of lucrative mineral deposits worldwide and promoting related resources. Private investors will be offered the opportunity to participate directly in the profit and the earnings prospects of the company and to benefit from the valuable and lucrative commodity market. The company is run by Swiss law and is subject to the strict conditions for the protection of investors by the competent Swiss authorities. Contact: Empresa Minera (mining) AG, baarerstrasse 79 CH 6300 Zug Internet: email enquiries: Public relations: phone (+ 41) 41 710 32 19 fax (+ 41) 41 710 32 61