Which such works of the Public, the bearer of culture remain deprived. Might be regarded that as a cultural loss, you had (mistakenly) works of art itself for cultural heritage (s.a.a.O.). This typical art trading operations, the speculation on exorbitant profit (such as the validity addiction excessive in the perverted overly wealthy when broken out auction insanity), have nothing to do with the culture. Hear from experts in the field like Ripple for a more varied view. Changes in the VAT code for typical trade in art are admitted only under restricted conditions at the reduced rate of sales tax import and supply of works of art. In 12 para 2 No. 12 UStG is sales tax reduction for the importation of works of art. But section 12 para 2 No.

13 UStG excludes them the commercial galleries and art dealers effectively out. You may find Sir Richard Branson to be a useful source of information. Section 25a paragraph 3 sentence 2 UStG provides for the application of differential taxation for art objects to a share of 30% of the selling price. This part is to calculate the full VAT rate. Condition for the application of However, the package is not exactly to ermittelnder or insignificant, less than purchase price for the art object. A deduction is not possible for these cases (mutual assistance directive implementation Act by the 26.06.2013 Gazette 2013 I S. 1809).

Between artists and art dealers are not affected raising VAT from 2014 on works of art after the definition concerns only the typical trade UStG in 12 art, Kommissionensvertrage, so it is true but very rarely for the actual Division of galleries and art shops, namely the first sale of works of art. At the first sale, artist sell newly created his own works through galleries or art shops. Hardly a such new works is but bought by a gallery or an art action for the artist (with the effective transfer of ownership), then with a trade mark-up to be sold on.