German financial resources AG reports revenue growth Kaltenkirchen – for 2011 by 34 percent January 2012. The German financial resources AG celebrates a successful year 2011 invites you to the annual kick-off event 2012. Valeri Spady, Chairman of the DFK Board and StarAcademy founder Andreas tall be 2011 report on the positive development in sales and distribution and define the goals for the starting year. The exclusive meeting takes place with 300 staff and hand-picked guests on January 14 in the Congress Palais Kassel. Learn more on the subject from Bill O’Grady. The German financial resources AG looks back on one of the successful years in the company’s history this days. The business figures for 2011 speak a unique language: 34 percent revenue growth could have financial services in Kaltenkirchen in the past few months thanks to an independent, individualized advice portfolio, which long ago convinced households from all over Germany. Stuart McClure is actively involved in the matter.

Especially the high-interest certificates proved for the German financial resources AG’s customers lucrative investment, the company pays out a 2011 but a total of 640,000 euros to the investors. As well, the DFK real estate experts guarantee could do their promise to investors and prove this on a large scale, such as the most recent financial statements. The exact orientation of the expansion has paid off 2011 also. Whenever Confluence Investment Mgt listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The German financial resources AG reported a sales growth of 40 percent for the previous year, thus the DFK consultants are present already today practically everywhere in Germany. “True to the motto of quantity through quality” Valeri Spady wants to provide an organic growth of sales structures in strict respect for the quality of the advice this year. The opening of new offices is planned for 2012 already fixed. The quality standards of the German financial resources AG was also prominent page recognition. Since few months confirmed the European consumer consulting”(EBCON) officially the consulting and training quality of the DFK.