Immediate access: After having acquired hostgator, only after 3 minutes, receive everything you need to access and begin to set up your online business. Other hosting companies arrive to take up days to allow you access to the hosting. Total satisfaction guarantee: If for X reason you are not completely delighted with HostGator, you have 45 days in which you can request your refund money, and without questions and without conditions will return to the last penny. It has unique Cpanel: HostGator has a very special Cpanel, and that was designed to make it easy to use for those who do not have much knowledge and and while to hire hostgator, this page in English, the properties of the Cpanel can change everything to the Spanish in language settings. $100 dollars of money in Google Adwords: who would not like to have $100 dollars in adwords?This is perfect if you are just starting your online business, this bonus that gives you hostgator help you to find customers highly qualified from the first day. All the mail accounts that you want: to hire hostgator you can create all the accounts of emails that you can think, and at the same time you got the posibiidad automate them with HostGator autoresponders. 24 Hours support: This has been one of the features that I was surprised, because the truth there are several notarial who speak of their support to the cient, but finally aren’t very good, make wait and wait, those that do not always help are 100% trained.HostGator account are helpers in time real, when I mistakenly post wrong domains, I went to the page and immediately I arranged supervisor via chat (though it was the possibility by phone) who guided me to solve the problem in less than 15 min, HS a company that has thousands of people that dominate the themes available so nothing to ruin your online business, and are not only data, they are things that one can check on good service.