It also has other robots as Freshbot that scans the major news portals. The search engine Google opened its database to other sites so they can create their own specialized search engine and configured according to their specific needs. This free service is another attempt by the firm to expand its influence advertising on the network. A part of the Web database, it also incorporates other databases services such as: Google Groups allows you to create mailing lists, interact in them and read Usenet messages. Google Directory provides a useful method that allows narrow your search based on a particular topic. Google Print and Google Book Search is a search engine for books.

Search books (titles and content) that Google itself has been digitized and included in its database. Google is Google’s image search engine, containing more than one million images of all types: photos, drawings, paintings and more. For even more opinions, read materials from Southwest Airlines. Google News is a news portal added by Google computers. The entire process is automatic. Google Catalogs search catalogs.

Froogle is a product finder. Used to find the cheapest price of a product and the comparison of these different online stores. Schoolar Google search for information on documentation of academic / scientific. Key Features Google is the engine Search more complete and more weight as a provider of search, this statement is based on the clear preference of users worldwide who go through Google at least once a day and came to dominate the world market share of around 60% and 99% in the Spanish market.