Classrooms will again be sad, with children and young Guarani-speaking discouraged and powerless, who despite his good scrolls to learn, not be allowed to take classes, books and exams in Castilian being they insist, Guarani-speakers. It is, for example, the same unpleasant and inhumane situation that would cross a Hispanic or a speaker (who lives in a Hispanic-speaking community) attending a school with classes, books and exams in German, explaining that he or she does not speak German . It should be noted that in addition to the personalities and institutions specialized in the Guarani language that raised their voices in protest against the ministerial decision, also expressed the students and parents. Also, many conferences, forums and seminars conducted in the year, claimed the MEC the need to give equal treatment to Guarani and Castilian in the national education system. However, the Ministry decided to turn a deaf ear to all complaints and using the Law of nembotavy persists in its intention to implement its anti-education reform from next year. It is worth remembering that the request for mediation to the correction of the ministerial decision by the ATENEO LANGUAGE AND CULTURE GUARANI the President of the Republic and the Minister Ministry of Women, the MEC said with the same Technical Report No. 257 / 09, which only confirmed our complaint, and that the fifth paragraph reads: "In the case of the Guarani ne'e discipline in high school, has planned in the previous plan, the development of: 2 hours per week in each of the three courses.