Currently, if you want to generate income on the internet, you must have a web site to know sell… If not, who will do it? There are several strategies, how to use Video Marketing, send Newsletter email and your contacts, publish your product in Adwords, among others. But what happens when your prospect reaches your web site? Writing sales letters has always been a popular strategy to achieve income. The problem is that many of us when we started in this world have no idea of how to write one! Fortunately, there is a formula, some might call it manipulative. This means that you must use very carefully for doing good and helping others, but you will have problems.

Here goes:-header: qualify them. This should mention any benefit or problem that the reader wants to or has, so you can raise your hand and say: Hey! Me is talking to my!-history/problem: shows the problem. Many writers such as Fitch offer more in-depth analysis. Build a relationship through a story. People we love the stories! So much that after start (if good), it is difficult not to read it until the end. Look at the list of 20 books more sold 13 are stories.

-Solution: I found an answer. This is what happened and how you will help. -Education: This is how and why it works. -Offer: This is how you can get it (pointing to your product). This way you aliviaras your pain and improve your pleasure. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from MasterClass Founder. (Remember that these are the most motivating forces of human beings) The important thing in all cases is to understand that your prospect is not interested in your product or company. If you care what an answer to your problem, and that this is solved in a satisfying, quick and inexpensive way. Several examples of effective sales letters are:-example 1 – example 2 surfing the Internet I came across this tool to create from scratch, sales letters seem quite impressive and I hope will be very useful. Until the next! Carlos Bazzanella l.