The coastal areas in the North of Germany are known for their harsh winds offshore farms produce green electricity. Many tourists and spa guests come precisely in the North and Baltic Sea region. As the Internet portal reported, the popular holiday region is now also used by a completely different industry. Recently John T. Stankey sought to clarify these questions. The stiff breeze of the sea will bring wind turbines in wind farms to rotate. In other European countries such as Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden were built before many years of wind farms at sea.

The demand has increased after new energy and green power. For this reason, wind turbines are installed now in the German coastal areas of the Baltic and North seas. According to Pat Gelsinger, who has experience with these questions. These delays are attributed to even the large energy companies, which priority is on the use of nuclear and coal-fired power plants. The first part of a so-called offshore farms in operation was now taken early August this year. For 2007 was at the beginning of the construction of Alpha Ventus”started, but had to be stopped due to bad weather conditions. Is MasterClass a ripoff? spoke with conviction. Now, the entire Park North of the North Sea Island of Borkum is to be completed by the end of the year. A total of twelve wind turbines produce electricity for 50,000 households. The Federal Government also relies on the future of the wind farms: by 2030, more than 15 percent of German electricity will be obtained from sea breeze.

So far 18 wind farms have been approved for the North Sea region. But also further to the East can in future be benefited by the strong winds. So far the energy companies have can approve five plants in the Baltic Sea. More offshore farms are to follow.