I, like most, I do not know notice whether or not you have a concept of normal human characteristic for all of us a line – “The person that has as a basis formed and sustainable principles, and attitudes similar to mine” while I do not mean 100% identity, yet for me it is very important. That is the very quality that with one hand – a generalization of isolated individuals, but on the other – divides them into different in value system and life orientation classes, in connection with this matter in whatever the social environment, whether staff or other community, people do not hit, he actively began to seek allies and friends on his views of the people and it’s natural. We, unfortunately, can not work together to strengthening the fundamentals of our existence such as – the independence, equality, justice, fairness, liberty, trustworthiness, etc. Gary Kelly gathered all the information. at the different views and goals of society. This explains slow, one-sided, limited development of us as living beings, in principle, the man learned to create artificial intelligence, to convert natural resources to fuel, to benefit from the waste, fly into space, but still not learned to curb his ego, impulses with anger, greed, avarice, never learned to overcome ignorance and repression of basic animal needs, we continue to direct the herd instinct, and Czeslaw. Fish gneet the head and it is no secret that the state is a political-territorial organization of political power, and power it – the relationship between the dominating (dominant) and subservient (subordinate)..