Also he is valid to stand out that, according to Aguiar (2001), Lobato Hunter was the first author of READ Brazilian who, in 1921, gave voice to the children through the personages, reproducing the questionador and imaginary universe of them, defying new discoveries. However, in if treating to Ana Maria Axe, its concern in writing for a so peculiar and special public can be said that it gave continuity to the proposal of Lobato, demonstrating, who is the infantile one. On the basis of the brief done communication previously, we detach here the importance of Infantile Literature for the formation of competent readers. Of this form, (…) it is important that the educator has an including vision of infantile the lingustico and intellectual development, so that can adjust the text to the reader (…) (AGUIAR, 2001, P. 58). 3,2 Difference between speech text In view of our proposal of work, we detach some consideraes on the speeches, a time that, had the polissmico character (different felt) of the language, that materializes the ideologies gifts in the speeches, becomes necessary to focus some vises on the distinction between the speech and the text.

The speech can be pointed as being an ideological device, by means of which the conflicts between the different social status occur (Example: dominant dominated X). Already the text would be considered not as a speech, but as the relation of the speeches of distinct positions (MUSSALIM, 2006). Moreover, the speech is the environment where if it establishes the relation between the language and the ideology, thus understanding the direction of the language. It also understands itself that the speech does not park in the interpretation or one alone truth, therefore aims at to the understanding of as the study object makes direction, and as it is invested of meanings for the citizens (ORLANDI, 2002). In this direction, Orlandi (2002) affirms that the speeches are produced from determined production conditions, which includes the citizens, the situation and the discursiva memory.