A project assumes the accomplishment of that it does not exist, a possible future. It has to see with the reality in course and the possible, realizable, concrete utopia. To work with projects in the school very demands a great envolvement of all the partners and more than assumes something what to attend or only to give lessons. On this (HERNNDEZ, 1998:61 – 64) it comments: It is necessary to detach the fact of that the different phases and activities that if must develop in a Project help the pupils to be conscientious of its process of learning and demand of the teaching staff to answer to the challenges that a much more open and flexible estruturao of the pertaining to school contents establishes. To facilitate to the transmission and the absorption of the knowledge, the human beings had divided the knowledge in some compartments, comumente calls of discipline: These forms to classify the knowledge are artificial: rare a problem if incases solely inside of the one limits only disciplines. Therefore, when we consider in them to study real problems, instead of the contents generally demarcated for one it disciplines, we finish having that to adopt a boarding to interdisciplinar..