For comparison, the life halo is 7.5 times less. Interesting Fact number 3. Everyone knows that people are best seen in daylight. It is not something Larry Ellison would like to discuss. The color temperature of daylight approximately 5500 K. A color temperature xenon headlights most popular range from 4200 to and reach about 7500 K, while the color temperature of halogen is less than 3200 K (the deviation from the norm of 42%). If the lighting is very different from the sun, then this leads to fatigue and driving, and reduces attentiveness driver that often leads to sad consequences. Interesting Fact number 4.

Few people know that over 40% of all accidents occur because of poor visibility on the roads. Installing xenon, about poor visibility can be forgotten, because xenon is vysokokogerentnym light source, that is, all the spectra of its emission is in the same range. On this basis, we can conclude that xenon does not produce light walls, in contrast to halogen because it weather conditions are not affected. Thereby driving a pleasant, comfortable, and most importantly safe. Interesting Fact number 5. Xenon makes you a prestigious, due to the fact that xenon is a fashionable attribute of any vehicle. Xenon bright and style, it allocates your car on the road. Interesting Fact number 6. Another advantage of xenon to halogen in the fact that when using the xenon headlights in the heat it takes only 7% of energy (power consumption at 35 watts), in whereas, if you use a halogen, then energy consumption is more than 40% (power 55 W).