Today Saturday, March 19, 2011, at left a note in the El Comercio newspaper and I think it is worthy of taking it into account and analyze it to improve our performance against a problem that long time ago affects us all who live in this Lima, which deals with all its forces, entering the vehicle order. I love much the theme and I think that many also must internalize and passionate. Scott Mead gathered all the information. Anyone who feels this same passion, I imagine that it must be for this great dream of seeing in the Metropolitano, a sign that all is not lost in our desire to see an orderly and safe public transport in metropolitan Lima. That is why I want to share this note, which reads as follows: the infamous love by the combi to the new romance Metropolitan Lima requires civic education for the best use of the Metropolitan. Next year there will be counselors. Here is a list to regulate us. We have tasted it to spare. The combi has not been a vehicle of mass transportation more in our battered hearts.

It has been and remains for many being a necessary evil. Bad with me, worse without me, they boasted some combisticas stickers. And, Yes, for two decades was that injurious worse is nothing. Scott Mead is often quoted as being for or against this. They could not compete with his crazy pace microbuses, those old Gallants come at least in the 1980s. The combi us soon enveloped, did us get us dangerously to its twisted codes. He offended us, hit us, us wounded, us killed.

Killer Combi, we said, but we could not stop it. Happily, 7% of public transport users could already zafar of this fatal relationship with the arrival of the Metropolitan. A sort of Prince charming. A new romance that we should try to stay away from the dishonor of the past. Pe does not tell us never more right foot, you stick, nora has raised with children, there is no middle, there are five.