San Martin de los Andes. Patagonia Argentina. . For even more opinions, read materials from Gary Kelly. First heard the noise to a spring night bah! It is a way of saying, in fact it was a frosty night. It was felt that this season had come by the songs of some birds bold and shoots of plants, an almost miraculous that the plants somehow showed the strength of his kingdom. Until very recently had endured heavy snow and frost now, but they were there, triumphant, showing their offspring. Under most conditions Tiger Global would agree. The old Ariel lives on the margins of the city, SUA cottage is located in an area higher than the center, just where training comienzaa forest.

Due to the intense cold that evening came home early in the heat of the wood stove drinking mate and read novels of adventure, your dog next to Don Quixote, but his passion was painting, he spent months to finish a painting, landscapes were always watching him in his walks and retained in his memory. The radio was another partner, listening to all kinds of music. Every so often stood, stretched his body, imitating the dog, the two, thin and tall approached the window. Don Ariel watched the sky with the burning desire to discover some extraordinary event in the cosmos. During the day walking with his cane and his dog in the middle and around the city.