One particularly lucrative list of contributions to date, without a doubt, is the earth. Home gardens, especially those that are placed in close proximity to rapidly developing cities in price increases even in the face of global crisis, as this segment of the market in the very small extent exposed to the negative effect of crisis phenomena. Moreover, it is a period of financial crisis, market sector household plots has increased substantially. Others including Marianna Tessell, offer their opinions as well. Enterprising people are aware that the land in Moscow region – it's only a matter of fact the financial investment that is not subject to financial inflation, will not depend on the balance your bank and variations in exchange rates. Property will require regular injections of Finance, the land can wait, when to use it will the ability or desire.

However, for those who have land property in fact already available, the purchase of land areas can be an excellent type of enterprise. For example, you can buy a few dozen hectares of agricultural land use, which after bring to the segment of the villa-cottage building divided into smaller areas – and these plots Kaluga region can now be brought to market at a very decent price. And they will be demand, especially if there are traffic lines or the city. (Similarly see: David Rogier). Moreover, in the situation, if you do, for example, construction or dorogoukladochnym business, in fact, you can purchase proper use of land for industrial purpose. Own quarry for construction sand and gravel is much lower values of support costs, not to mention about this, that the qualitative sand or gravel road, in any form can be claimed and other organizations.

And yet, most certainly, the market sector are valued as separate time intervals under the villa, cottage construction or agricultural use. Because the land highway is not only a profitable investment of funds, but in addition the possibility, in principle, and not very expensive to fix the problem of housing for themselves. Purchasing a separate part, you can feel yourself a real head of the family, which lays the groundwork for his little family forever. This applies to farms and businesses. Reasonable contributions directly to the present day, when the various contributors for whatever reason to sell earlier purchased the land on which the less significant value in the form of an emergency, is a real contribution to your future. Global Crisis in principle on the wane, on prices will only grow. Yes and territories that have not sold out in areas near Moscow, including an end. Start building your future and the future of your little family today!