Many smaller companies shy away from the time and expense, a Web presence with it brings. A large number of companies already has a Web site. Some have let make this about an advertising agency and the first content. However, then usually the resources now in sole proprietorships and small medium-sized enterprises, are missing to regularly update the content. Often the information which are aimed at providing a picture of the company and its services the customers, outdated or obsolete. There are many different systems on which you can create its Web presence, following two examples. TYPO3 is a free content management framework for Web sites, developed by Kasper Skarhoj.

TYPO3 is based on the PHP scripting language. MySQL, but also about PostgreSQL or Oracle can be used as a database. It is estimated that TYPO3 is used already over 500,000 copies worldwide.The use of TYPO3 is divided into three areas: the creation of Web design and the configuration of TYPO3 using TypoScript Input of Web content. TYPO3 has a backend, that the maintenance of the website is used and a front end that represents the site itself.Features include inter alia a control to the fading in and out of content, search-engine-friendly URLs, an automatic Sitemap, user administration and multilingualism of the backend and the frontend. The practical Website Builder by STRATO is LivePages. To create your own homepage in just a few steps and completely online and without any programming knowledge. The kit is divided into 5 steps. First, select your industry and your design.

After entering general data such as site name, logo upload and specify of the footer, you can create the structure of your Web site (page tree). Following are the content entered. About different modules you can create text boxes, images, and links. The system is user friendly. After you filled all the pages have, can put your keywords for search engines, even a feature and publish the page. A professional Website is a “must” in this day and age. You can inform customers on the World Wide Web about providers of services and goods. If the target company is not found, an alternative is sought usually via Google search. Thus many companies, especially in the craft, potential buyers and jobs lost. A website is an investment that pays! The time and cost is manageable depending on the claim and scope. The appearance of the business field of activity supports your future customers in your decision-making process. Advance already, you can convince your range, your qualifications and your presence. Many smaller companies shy away from time and cost, which brings a Web presence with him. SPP promotion takes over the Web care of systems TYPO3, Strato webshop, live pages for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses of the middle class and others on request. SPP promotion developed your website with you. Together, your personal layout is prepared and applied. Content are created with Them tailored and inserted in your website. The complete process can be implemented after system choice and scope for a reasonable cost. The Agency offers at the same time provide support at a fixed price, which among other things offers the regular maintenance of the content, so that you can spend your time and your resources continue to your core business and your customers. Convince yourself of SPP promotion at or send your request directly to. May 2011, Sara Ploecks, SPP promotion