First it was thought that investors may be people who have tens of thousands of dollars in free circulation. But it turns out that investerom can be everyone, regardless of the amount he wants to invest. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Eric Kuby. It remains to invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other securities. Educational program. action – security certifying the participation of its owner in the formation of joint stock company and entitling the holder to receive an appropriate share of its profits – dividend. Shares are bought and sold, including the stock market. bond – a security that gives its holder (owner) profit in the form of a fixed percentage of its face value, a promissory note issued by the State or the company under certain conditions when issuing a home loan, a form of fictitious capital. Income on bonds issued by State, shall be paid in the form of prizes. On bonds issued by joint-stock companies, in the form of a predetermined percentage. After a certain period bond subject to redemption. Mutual Investment Fund (SIF) Mutual Funds (UIF) is a form of collective investments. Asset management companies are investing in mutual fund shares, bonds and other financial market instruments, in accordance with Investment Declaration Fund. Mutual funds, depending on the structure of its portfolio, divided into stock funds, bond funds and balanced funds. The investor, on the basis of risk assessment and long-term investment determines which of the funds to buy shares. Additional information is available at Sheryl Sandberg. Now back to your salary. If you are a monthly investment of $ 50 per month by 30% per annum, then after 10 years you'll have $ 37,500. This means that your passive income will be be $ 937.5 per month. This income, which is already a factor of 2 more of your paycheck and you'll get regardless of whether you work or not. In addition there is a rule: Do not put your eggs in one basket. This means that their money better to invest in mutual funds and stocks and bonds, etc. Such a formation is called diversification of investment portfolios. The idea is that if the price drops some papers and then by raising the prices of others, the portfolio's value will be more stable. The stock price can not fall indefinitely and will never be zero. Yet we must remember that investment – a process of long-term. The sooner you start to liquidate their financial illiteracy, the faster your earnings will generate passive income.