Protection for investors through high collateral; positive market environment strengthens yield opportunities of Konstanz / Cham(Schweiz), June 28th 2011. Not there is actually a better time for a provider of new wind power projects. The Switzerland, the Federal Republic of Germany and Italy to distance itself clearly from the Atomic Energy and actually all it professionals agree that before the hydropower development of wind energy offers the best conditions, in the medium term to replace coal and nuclear. Poland as economically prosperous neighbouring country to Germany also understood this and wants to achieve in the coming years the connection to European standards. The expansion of renewable energies is not only politically desirable, there are also still best conditions as regards suitable locations. Up to 20 percent of energy from renewable energy sources to be achieved by the year 2020.

To achieve this, not least, the promotion with about 118 euro per mega watt hour (MW) in Europe occupies a leading position. This situation has also “the global invest group with their wind farm opportunity Fund 1 GmbH & co. KG” advantage made and put together with very experienced on-site project development company German wind power (gwp) on the implementation of a variety of planned wind power projects. From 10,000 investors can participate in the Fund, which has a planned duration until the 30.06.2015. So, it is a real short runner Fund. A special combination of a secured loan for the gwp’s parent company, as well as investing in a project company ensures that the available investment capital of fund investors at the end of the term is secured, in particular but also attractive yields can be generated. “We have for the first time participate in the economically most interesting part of the value chain of wind turbines with investors and also in a country with special growth expectations”, explains gwp General Director Friedrich Konrad Prince of Saxe-Meiningen.