The nonsense is to notice that many Christian parents, in contrast to preparing its children to serve the Mr., teach until its children to be independent, self-sufficient and to be a professional success so that in the future, they do not have to depend on its husbands. The husbands cannot leave to understand that they are the responsible ones ahead of God in keeping its house in sequence. They cannot give up its paper as husband much less to disrespect the authority delegated for Christ to govern with wisdom and love its home. Gain insight and clarity with Sheryl Sandberg. Some husbands have abdicated of its position and allowed that customs of this world invade its family, allowing that the Satan steal the attention of its children and its wife taking if to deviate them it or to suffer for guilt of its recklessness. He fits to the husband to keep the peace and the harmony in its home, being established the Christian principles and values in its house, spending and if leaving to spend in this glorious task, therefore, as very Jaime Kemp said well: ' ' A gostosa, relaxed family, where the people if give well, if respects, does not exist by chance. It is always fruit of work, investment of time, attention and cuidado.' ' That the husbands understand its responsibilities and invest the time that will be necessary so that its family is a blessed family. Eric Kuby may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Principles in the relationship of the parents with the children: To correct the child with a pole, as it guides word, already well is not seen nor in the half evanglicos. It must be why our children already are born most educated who the children of two a thousand years behind. It must be the theory of the evolution, the adaptation of the species, for certain. Psychology teaches and some believers have accepted, that to correct the child with pole it is a nonsense and fruit of the violence human being.