The reason of the use of more than a medication against the same embryo is that the tax of resistance of the microorganism to this project trplice is low. The medicines act in different places, in synergic way. In the gestation case, the treatment does not have to be modified. Project RHZ with duration of six months must be carried through. Amongst the more frequent effect undesirable caused by medications against tuberculosis they are to nausea, vomits and abdominal pain. In these cases, the patient will have to communicate its doctor. Beyond the project of treatment RHZ, other projects exist (with other medication combinations) that they can be used in situations special or the cases of bankruptcy with the treatment of first line (preferential).

How it is prevented? For the good prevention, most important it is to detect and to treat all the bacilferos patients, that is, all those with the bacillus of Koch in the pulmes (sick). For this, a good public system of control of the illness is very important, to identify the sick people precociously, preventing that new cases appear. The sick person during the two first weeks of treatment can still infect other individuals. Therefore, he must protect the mouth with the hand when tossir or sneeze. Also he will have to look for not to be next, mainly in closed places, to the healthy people. These are well-taken care of simple so that the illness does not contaminate other individuals. Another important behavior is the control of the comunicantes.

Comunicantes is those people who have close contact with the sick person (they live in the same house, for example). These must be investigated by the medical assistant through requested examinations in the medical consultation. If it will be indicated, the comunicantes must initiate the quimioprofilaxia, a treatment made with isoniazida with intention to prevent the illness in the comunicantes.