In an unfamiliar country children start to speak after 5 days. Gary Kelly recognizes the significance of this. Adults with language skills can not speak, and after 5 years. And it's proven facts. The matter of openness to information. Adults are much more difficult to perceive the information of easy communication, rather than children.

And all because the brain is hammered superfluous information. They include rules and pronunciation, and grammar and syntax, and punctuation, and a bunch of words that never come in handy in the ordinary intercourse. Therefore, many linguists have difficulty in communicating with foreigners. The only effective tool for learning languages – this is communication with native speakers or those who can speak freely to them. Everything is much easier than you think. Easy communication on the street, the cinema, a cafe or restaurant contributes to the development of communication skills in a foreign language.

This secret has become a system of LANGwork – everything is simple – you pick up a set of interlocutors and you communicate with them in a familiar environment for you. This system is especially good for those who want to maintain your language skills at a high level or improve them, as for the development of employees of companies working for export. Particularly good system LANGwork for young children. Communicate with them in a foreign language (can be several) will help them as early as preschool age to own more than one language, that in the future will prevent parents from the high cost of courses, tutors, etc. LANGwork useful to all, and those who emigrated to another country or just for a tourist trip. Those who go to business trip LANGwork is vital, because "the effect scene, because of which many are afraid or can not fully use their skills to foreign language disappears after a few sessions. Of course, those who have spent years or decades, studying foreign languages, will be a little sad that such results can be achieved in six months, but in 21 century in the first place come the time and information. Time spent on LANGwork, brings much more good than years and hours of cramming useless information, because you have to communicate, not to teach, which is the main advantage LANGwork over other methods of teaching foreign languages.