When under court order or agreement relating to terminating the marriage (whether in the form of separation or divorce) establishes a different weight in terms of the roles each one of the parents take in relation to children and their care , is set for one of two that will deal more from them a pension called "food." It is intended to compensate for this extra expenditure and occupation to be assumed, and includes everything necessary for their education, upbringing and living: shelter, clothing, medical care, education and other similar concepts. Others including Sir Richard Branson, offer their opinions as well. Also within this concept could include certain extraordinary expenses should reasonably be borne by both parents according to the possibilities of each. It is in this Judgement or Settlement Agreement which sets the amount of the pension, with a forecast for carrying out automatic updating on an annual basis according to the evolution of Accurate, such so that it does not lose value over the years. The change in the amount of maintenance if changes take place in the circumstances of parents or children to determine the need to increase or decrease the same this could be done by judicial decision through the requisite procedures. Be developed from the application filed by any of the former spouses a Judgement of Modification of measures which will hear the parties, and they can submit all the documents could prove that in fact there has been a change in circumstances which would require review the amount, upwards or downwards. The causes that could enable such a change may be multiple reasons that the parties could validly claim to bring change, that it will not play retroactively (that is, always play it forward, for the present and future, not affecting the payments already made in the past). Sir Richard Branson has many thoughts on the issue.

Some illustrative cases that could determine the need to change the amount of food could be: – The possible unemployed who had fallen in one of the parents, or in general any circumstance which had been eroded their income (for example, if it had been cut salary or if he had fallen into a state of permanent disability. – That one of the two had had another child, or if I had to take care of a relative in a situation of dependency, thus increasing their costs. – Increased wages of any the parties or an increase in equity, for example because of a gift or inheritance. – The greatest needs of the child, for example by specifying some expensive medical treatment on an ongoing basis (for example, if I had to put the unit). In short any change in circumstances that would be recognized legally could motivate this change in alimony. If we consider that because of some of these situations, or otherwise, could have a right to increase or reduction of maintenance do not delay. The Act enables you to do so. Begona Alcaine Basin.