Approximately one in two life insurance is terminated. It presents itself in the insurance customer is a difficult problem, because the surrender value is often not very high. Under certain circumstances, the surrender value of life insurance is, by obtaining fees and commissions even lower than the sum of the contributions and the insured person making a loss. A possible alternative is to sell life insurance. One of the leading players in the secondary market for life insurance, forexample, the Life Finance KG. If you want to sell a life insurance policy, we seek the best first a non-binding offer one of several sellers. Prerequisites for this are mainly that the insurance has a remaining maturity of more than 15 years, and if the surrender value of at least 5,000 euros. Direct insurance and unit-linked life insurance policies on the other hand is generally not accepted. If you only want to temporarily suspend its contributions and is not dependent on cash from contributions also can provide the life insurance and contributionslater resume. Also in this case it is advisable to seek a calculation and compare it with the purchase offers. Finally, there is also the possibility to borrow against an existing life insurance. Overall, one should sell an existing life insurance if you want to permanently terminate the contract and would like to draw to date on the cash. Otherwise, it is often cheaper to maintain the insurance policy and make one of the other alternatives.