This institutionalized education, very present still today in the pertaining to school reality, reflects the model of the Toyotista system that, according to Santom (1998, p.17): ' ' One originated in the particular necessity of Japan to produce small amounts of many models of products; later, the same it evolved to become itself into a true one production system. Had to this origin, this system is extremely competitive in diversificao' '. We understand this model of system on the basis of the estimated one of the piramidal model, including the model of medieval society here, where the intellectual and social position allowed the division of the power. The professor, for example, inside of this pyramid, places itself as a bureaucratic controller and to discipline. Each time in our society is almost impossible to think about nuances interdisciplinares in this model of school that comes more gaining land contemporary and that it does not make, seno, to reproduce more in sped up way what the professionalizing education operated in the seio of the humanity in first the two hundred and fifty years of the history of our country. We know, however, that the interdisciplinaridade has emerged in investigativos studies and that, for some theoreticians, it has its reason of being in the search of new theories as new stages of the development of science. With the complexity of the age contemporary, the breached delimitations of knowing are being each time more if to lead in account to not only know them scientific that they are modified and if they reconstruct to each time, but also those that represent the common sense: the beliefs, the myths, the customs, amongst as much others and that, many times, are properties of studies of interested scientists more in this subject. In this work, we are not wanting to adentrar the labyrinths of the category of the theory of the complexity of our society, we are looking for to use of nuances interdisciplinares pointing the idea of that the intertextualidade in the education of Literature can be a resource possible to bet in a new citizen, a new type of person, contemporary of its time, more solidary and more democratic to face what this complex society each time more presents in them: challenges.